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Do you ever feel like the problems we are tackling are Sisyphean? For every kilogram of waste we collect, there is a kilogram to replace it..

In a way, that may be so, but clean-up events are much more than just cleaning the beaches and streets. They offer individuals and companies an opportunity to get involved in their community as 'Green Ambassadors', providing ways for people to help reduce their dependence on plastic products and also establishing themselves as role models in the community. Many of our events are in areas with strong foot traffic, therefore there are many opportunities to highlight the issue for those nearby!

The Green Hour team can customise events for companies who are aiming to organise a meaningful, exciting event for staff, clients, or groups of family and friends. By co-operating with us you are not just showing your organisations passion in caring for the environment, you are also directly supporting the work of Green Hour!​


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Plogging is the latest environmental trend to come out of Sweden.

Learn more about plogging and how you can get involved here in Hong Kong!



Food waste is one of the largest contributors to landfills.

Find out what we at Green Hour do to combat the issue of excess food.



Sign up with your organisation to make a difference in the community through a beach cleanup.

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Take in the beauty of nature and join us for a hike across Hong Kong's wonderful landscape.


Let's help clean up the MacLehose and Wilson Trails together!




  • Preparation – We will discuss with clients on suitable locations including transport, F&B and provide a rundown of safety measures.


  • Planning – We will provide an event rundown, as well as any necessary transport, liaising with client on registrations and teams, weather arrangements, clean-up materials & preparation.

  • Social Media Exposure – We aim to aid in providing exposure on our joint hard work through Facebook and Instagram, allowing individuals to see firsthand the kind of organisation we are running, as well as providing a platform for clients to share the footage easily.

    • We will also take photographs during the event to help build awareness. Any photos taken on the day will be shared to participants.

  • Team-building Activities – Group competitions and activities designed to add some pizzazz to the act of a clean-up.

  • Data Management – Our goal is to educate participants of the importance of data collection, guide participants in collecting data during event ands collate data post-event for reports.


  • Clean-up Materials: Gloves, bags, litter pickers (if needed), torches, data collection cards, pencils.


  • Prizes: Zero waste gifts for prize winning members.

  • Event Materials: Event schedule, plogging/cleanup route, first aid kit, signage, workshop/educational materials.

  • Certificate of Participation: Team will be presented with a certificate of recognition on event day.

To inquire about organising a cleanup event, do not hesitate to email us.


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