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Green Hour has teamed up with bakeries and other relevant partners to help reduce food waste across the city. We welcome people from all backgrounds to join us every week for our 'Bun Run'.

What is a 'Bun Run'?

Food waste is a huge problem globally. In Hong Kong alone, 3,600 tons of food waste are sent straight to landfill every day.

Through community action, Green Hour holds weekly evening events, collecting surplus food from partnering organisations and directly distributing the collected items to those in need in the community.​

The Bun Run initiative is a community-driven effort aimed at reducing food waste and addressing food insecurity. The program involves volunteers collecting unsold bread and baked goods from local bakeries and delivering them to organisations or individuals in need. The initiative not only ensures that surplus food does not go to waste but also provides a valuable resource to those experiencing food insecurity.

Once the bread is collected, volunteers distribute it to the homeless, street cleaners and various partner organisations where it can be shared with beneficiaries facing food insecurity. The initiative aims to reach those who are unable to afford or access sufficient nutritious food, ensuring that they have access to a basic necessity.

The Bun Run initiative not only addresses immediate hunger but also raises awareness about the importance of reducing food waste. By bringing together the community, we are creating opportunities for positive engagement. We encourage individuals to take an active role in tackling food insecurity and promote a more sustainable approach to food consumption.

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No events at the moment
  • How can I join public events?
    All of our public events are on our website. We welcome members of the public to reach out if they would like to organise their own events. We can help with event promotion, provision of materials (if needed) and a platform to share the results!
  • Can companies join public events?
    Our listed public events are for individuals and families only. Companies who would like to organise a corporate event with us can contact us at More information on our CSR programmes can be found here.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    All materials, including reusable gloves, rubbish bags, litter pickers and anything else needed for the cleanups will be provided. Simply bring a reusable bottle of water, bug spray, and tons of energy!
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