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Beach covered in trash

A little can go a long way

Join us in making a tangible difference for our environment. Your donation plays a vital role in supporting Green Hour and the important work we do.


With your generous contribution, we can organise and execute more and more impactful initiatives such as community cleanups, surplus food redistribution projects and educational campaigns.


These efforts directly address the pressing environmental challenges we face today, from plastic pollution to food waste.


By donating, you become an active participant in our mission, helping us protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

Where do your donations go?


Cleaning materials, including biodegradable bags, reusable gloves and litter pickers are essential for our clean-up programme


Helping provide as many nutritional vegan meals as possible, promoting a plant-based diet to a wider audience.


Our Green Ambassadorship programme trains upcoming eco-warriors on the necessary steps to empower further volunteers. (image from CISV event)

Make a Direct Bank Transfer

You can also donate Green Hour by bank transfer, online banking or by cheque to the following bank account:

Hang Seng Bank


369 552476 883

All donations above $100 HKD are tax deductible. Please send us a screen capture of the related transaction history with your name, telephone no., postal address and donor ID (if applicable) to for the receipt.

Other Donations

Bread Donation
Bread Donation
Bread Donation

As a charity, we extend our gratitude to those who wish to support us through donations. In addition to monetary contributions, we also accept donations of other essential items, such as tinned food and necessities.


If your company or community is interested in collaborating with us to make a positive impact, we warmly welcome your involvement. Please feel free to get in touch, and together we can achieve even greater results in our mission to bring hope and assistance to those in need.

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