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Help us reach our target of collecting 10,000kg by 2025 through our variety of cleanup initiatives

Group of students posing after cleanup event

Fighting back plastic pollution in every corner of the city

Green Hour has been working tirelessly since 2018 to ensure that our streets, hiking trails and beaches remain clean.

Plastic pollution is a serious issue globally. Hong Kong is no different.

Through our #Trashtag Challenge we aim to bring the community together to green our city whilst having fun, meeting new people and doing something good both for ourselves and for the wider community.

Corporate Beach Cleanup

Hong Kong has hundreds of beaches. Many of them are susceptible to trash both from visitors and washed in from the sea.

See how you can help!

Woman picking up litter

Plogging is the latest environmental trend to come out of Sweden.

Learn more about plogging and how you can get involved here in Hong Kong!

People collecting litter while hiking

Take in the beauty of nature and join us for a hike across Hong Kong's landscape.


Let's help clean up the MacLehose and Wilson Trails together!

Upcoming Cleanups

Join us for our monthly cleanup drive!

  • Sam Pak Wan Beach Cleanup
    Sam Pak Wan Beach Cleanup
    Sun, 14 Jul
    Sam Pak Wan, Discovery Bay, Sam Pak Wan, Hong Kong
    Sam Pak Wan, Discovery Bay, Sam Pak Wan, Hong Kong
    Green Hour has partnered with to bring you a series of fun coastal clean-ups and trail cleanups throughout 2024! Join us for our July cleanup in Discovery Bay!
  • How can I join public events?
    All of our public events are on our website. We welcome members of the public to reach out if they would like to organise their own events. We can help with event promotion, provision of materials (if needed) and a platform to share the results!
  • Can companies join public events?
    Our listed public events are for individuals and families only. Companies who would like to organise a corporate event with us can contact us at More information on our CSR programmes can be found here.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    All materials, including reusable gloves, rubbish bags, litter pickers and anything else needed for the cleanups will be provided. Simply bring a reusable bottle of water, bug spray, and tons of energy!
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