#Trashtag Challenge

Fighting back plastic pollution in every corner of the city

Green Hour has been working tirelessly over the last few years to ensure that our streets, hiking trails and beaches remain clean.

Plastic pollution is a serious issue globally. Hong Kong is no different.

Through our #Trashtag Challenge we aim to bring the community together to green our city whilst having fun, meeting new people and doing something good both for ourselves and for the wider community.


Corporate Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs

Green Hour engages corporations in performing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through a spectrum of activities including our popular Bun Run Programme, Cleanup Drives, Talks, Community Events, and corporate initiated fundraising activities, corporate volunteers can do their bit to protect our environment, reduce waste and help raise funds for our ongoing projects.

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Many people are well aware of the danger of plastic pollution in our country parks and in the oceans, however those of us who unfortunately continue to dispose of rubbish poorly, as well as due to strong winds, Hong Kong's country parks are riddled with rubbish.

Items left lying around do not naturally decompose, either. Many of these items will remain on this planet for hundreds of years if not forever.

You could accidentally lose a plastic bottle in 2022 and, if untouched, still be able to go back and collect it from the same spot hundreds of years later.

As 'Green Ambassadors' we can make a difference not just to the state of the country parks, but also help those out there who may not be aware of the dangers of pollution to better understand the importance of the R's of environmentalism: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Repair and of course... Refuse!

These hikes are considered some of Hong Kong's most beautiful routes, with green landscapes for kilometres and views of the metropolis below. Aside from just hiking and picking up rubbish, we will also have a lot of fun through teambuilding activities!

Picnics are available for corporates at an added fee. Food, cutlery and everything else will provided for you you to enjoy after a hard afternoons work keeping our mountains clean and beautiful.