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COVID-19 | Crowdfunding masks: government mask donations ignore street sleepers.

Translated from Chinese. Original article here.

The novel Coronavirus epidemic remains severe, and many charities have suspended services for the homeless. James, the head of the environmental group "Green Hour", formed a volunteer group with a few friends, traveling all over Hong Kong to collect nearly expired bread and distribute it to street sleepers. He said that although he understands the concerns of charities to suspend services, he believes that homeless people need help even more under the epidemic. "Are there any street sleepers who have been diagnosed during this epidemic? It is simply an unfair stereotype to think that they are dirty."

James has lived in Hong Kong over four years, and chose to live in Cheung Sha Wan, one of Hong Kong's poorest areas. "When I tell most people I live in Cheung Sha Wan, they don't know where it is. Sham Shui Po District is the poorest area figuratively speaking, but that doesn't mean that the people here are worthless." James, who has limited Cantonese, communicates with the homeless Man Jai, working together to reach out to the homeless.

James said that although he understands the new policies of wearing masks in all public spaces, whether outdoor or indoor, it has failed to cater for the needs of street sleepers.


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